Friday, September 29, 2017

It's been too long

Sorry I've not updated this in quite a while.  I do plan to get more regular with this in the coming months.  I may even port this site to a new location.  Lots of updates so lets get started.

So first, I am in grad school again! Yep, that's right, getting yet another degree.  But everything is different this time.  I've been so passionate about all the nutrition and health information I have collected over the last few years, that I have decided to get official training.  I am getting my Master of Nutrition and Human Performance.  And then I couldn't decide on only one concentration, so I am getting a double- Nutrition Wellness and Nutrition Education.  I can't wait to get there.  I will be able to then go on to get my Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Heath Educator certifications! Super exciting.  Of course there are going to be a tough few years between now and then.  So far my first semester has been challenging with tons of science, but awesome at the same time. 

Related to that, I have decided to start a new YouTube Channel.  I'm calling it Nutrition With Tammy.  I haven't added a video yet, but plan to start adding this weekend, I hope! I plan to use this channel for discussing some of the studies and nutrition information I learn from the class.  I will always try to include links to the original studies.

Also, on my liver, it's not been responding well to the Urso anymore.  We have tried many different approaches, but nothing has helped very much.  So now I am getting into a research study for a new drug.  There's a 33% chance I will get a placebo, but at the very least I can participate to give future possible treatments.  Of course, I prefer natural approaches to as much as possible, but my liver appears to be one of those few that just doesn't seem to respond well to just about anything I try.  

Through ketosis and intermittent fasting, I have finally shed most of the prednisone weight and my energy is so much better, but unfortunately I think all the dairy has caused some major joint pain in my knees, shoulders and hips.  So I'm going to put keto on pause for a bit and I've added in many of the anti-inflammatory foods known to help like raw manuka honey and many of the fruits like pineapple and cherries, etc.  I will hit this with everything I can find until I feel better, then back off again to a low carb, dairy-free paleo type diet.  I seem to do best on that.  I just need to keep it lower carb to keep from gaining weight and to keep the fatigue away.  And I really like the intermittent fasting, so I don't plan to change that except that I want to be able to work up to a multi day fast every year.  I haven't gotten there yet, but I will.  It is so good for  healing the gut and all sorts of health problems.  It is even used for cancer treatment! 

So, my current plan is:
No grains (of course)
No dairy
No refined sugar
No processed foods
Limited red meat

Eat the following to reduce inflammation:
More probiotics
More Omega-3 (especially from wild caught salmon)
More celery, cruciferous veggies and greens (though I think I already eat a lot of this)
Ginger, turmeric and apple cider vinegar everyday
Collagen everyday
Raw Manuka Honey everyday (1 TBL X 3 times daily)
Adding in: Pineapple, Beets, Cherries and Blueberries

I'm also taking my Wobenzyme again and I started taking Inflamend as well.  Both are natural anti-inflammatories.  Everything I can do to help this. 

So stay tuned!  More to come.
Here's to watching our health!

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