Thursday, September 29, 2016

Been Some Changes

I know I haven't blogged in quite some time, but I thought I'd get one post in before the end of PBC Awareness Month.

This has been a very trying year for me so far.  My numbers were way off and so the Doctor suspected I might have something else going on.  First he told me to go gluten free....I let him know my doctor told me that years ago! I told him just 3 weeks gluten free had dropped my numbers significantly! He said "Great, keep doing that!".

But without that option, he was stumped for getting my numbers back in line.  So he put me on prednisone as a test.  Well, it helped with a lot of the bad symptoms.  Was terrible for my waistline (gained 25 pounds, he says it will go away and is expected with prednisone), and so many other things....Plus it just can't be long term because of problems with thinning bones, etc from it.  So he tapered me off and all the symptoms came back worse than ever before!  

From that scenario, plus the fact that I am AMA and ANA positive and have some particular cells in my biopsy - he suggests I have now developed PBC-AIH Overlap Syndrome.  Fun times!  

Right now I am back on prednisone for a short time, but also on Imuran.  That's an immunosuppressant used for things like organ transplant.  The Prednisone is just supposed to fill in the gap from Imuran.  Imuran apparently takes a couple of months to kick in, so the prednisone is supposed to help during that time, but quite the opposite has been happening. It's actually be really messing with my blood sugars.  

I have a general doctor I'm going to now that is actually versed in nutrition - I'm hopeful about having someone to actually help me!  But he thinks yes, there is steroid induced diabetes, but since I had gestational diabetes, he thinks it's probably just exacerbating something that is already an issue.  So he's sending me to an endocrinologist to get that checked out.

But he's also running a ton of tests.  He thinks my hormones are probably off and that my gut needs some serious healing.  So, this is exciting that I might actually start feeling better WITHOUT a steroid ruining my life.

I'm hopeful for sure!! I will update again soon - much sooner  than last time! I promise!

Here's to WATCHING your health!

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