Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Protocol is Finished

I officially finished my 10 week protocol on 1/4/16. Count back 10 weeks- it was the entire holiday season. I hit the new year at least a little better. 

I started this protocol because of some really bad joint pain, fatigue and my AI skin conditions have been flaring a lot. 

Well my joints got a bit better. Not great, but improved. My fatigue has actually been pretty bad lately, but it was getting better.  My skin isn't great, but it never is in cold weather. 

So the outcome? Undetermined so far.

I plan to continue this protocol for the most part.  I do think it's the right track for my symptoms and general health, and I even lost a stubborn 13 pounds! So that's a nice added benefit. 

I plan to keep sugar out. I definitely think this is one of the worst culprits to my pain.
I plan to keep MOST dairy out, but I don't plan to continue being a Natzi about a tiny bit of cheese or butter on something. I do think a lot of dairy is almost as bad as the sugar. A little cheese or butter isn't a big deal, but milk or a lot of the other will certainly cause issues. I've started having coffee with heavy cream, and I feel bloated- so I'm thinking it needs to go.
I plan to continue grain free, of course. This is #1 for me. 
I do not plan on keeping smoked meats out. 
I do not plan on keeping all vinegar out. 
I do want to bring in some fermented foods to support the 'good guys'.

I had a follow up appointment with the dr and we are now going to tackle my vitamin and mineral deficiencies and continue with more methods of killing off the candida.  I really hope something works, my joints are feeling worse again (the heavy cream I'm willing to bet). It's like trying to complete a puzzle- every time we find one piece, we realize there's another missing.  One day we'll get all of them....I hope!

On the plus side, I have gotten really creative over the holidays with recipes.  Some that I've made are even BETTER than the original IMO.  So, I'm not suffering :)

Here's to WATCHING your health!


  1. Dear Tammy
    My name is Katerina i am from Greece 58 years old and i have too PBC.I found it out 10 years ago but only the past 3 years my doctor gave me ursofalk when the first symptoms appeared, for the moment i feel ok although i am in stage 2 except the fatigue!I would like to follow you and learn from you but my knowledge in computers is poor about blogs or tweeter and hope that in this page we'll be able to share our news and feelings! I wish you all the best.

  2. Tammy you haven't reply to my message have you read it? i hope that everything is ok !
    wishing you always the best Katerina

  3. Dear Tammy
    I hope you are feeling better!! i had no answer and i am afraid that you may have not read my message any way i wish you all the best and when you feel like share with me your experience with the protocol when you finish it!