Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Hits Keep Coming

I've been dealing with quite a few symptoms lately.  I've had them for a while, but they seem to be getting worse and worse.  Namely my joint pain is just really excruciating some days - And I think my pain tolerance is pretty good, it's just really that bad....My AI skin stuff is acting up, I'm bruising easily and my fatigue is getting worse.  My Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction has even been getting worse again, and I've had quite a lot of nausea and food avoidance issues lately.  Yay me.  Luckily, my dry eyes and mouth haven't gotten worse though!  So there's something good.

I got some blood work done recently...Made total sense based on how I'm feeling, but it definitely made me sad.

My numbers are just getting worse.  It's actually pretty frightening.  If I'm completely honest, it's hard to stay positive with these types of numbers and with the way I'm feeling.  Sort of a feeling of doing it all for nothing.

But I don't give up.  I have a wonderful and supportive husband who wouldn't let me even if I wanted to.

I'm going back to the functional medicine doctor and getting more tests.  Another $3K worth! Ugh.  That is not fun, but what else am I supposed to do?  I must figure this out.  If not for me, for my daughter.

I want to live longer so she doesn't grow up without a mom.
I want to get to see her grow up.
I want to know what to do if/when her time comes for this.

So we're back to the drawing board.  Not completely -  I know grain free is the right way.  It's just not ALL of the right way.  We'll stay grain free, but that reduces the gut problems, it doesn't fix them.  There are tons of recommendations for fixing the leaky gut- bone broth, fermented foods, etc.  I've tried them and so far nothing has apparently worked.  We will see what happens after the testing.

I'm ready and willing to walk the path, but right now I don't know which one to take.  I've taken several and I keep ending up almost back at the beginning.  I'm frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

There's a local PBC group that I've contacted.  I plan to meet with those women next week. Maybe they have some insight into these symptoms.  Until then, I will just keep doing the best I can with the knowledge I have and I will continue striving for more knowledge until we get this thing under control!

Here's to WATCHING your health.


  1. How are you doing these days? It's been a while since you posted. Please keep us updated.

    1. I'm working on a post now! Thanks for checking in!