Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Something Old, Something New

For those that don't know, I recently got married!
I told many people after my divorce that I would never get married again.  But, as the saying goes, never say never.
When love hits, it hits, and I've married someone that I truly feel is my soulmate.

I'm 37, with a good career and generally a pretty good head on my shoulders.  So when I say that he is my soulmate, I don't mean in the 'in lust, for the moment' kind of way.  I mean that we are a matched set.  We are not perfect- I drive him crazy with my various habits, and he has a couple that have been known to turn me into Rain Man...But we don't sweat the small stuff.  He is the perfect mate for me.  My struggles are his struggles, and vice versa.  My success is his success, and vice versa.  My challenges are the times where he really takes charge and takes care of us (and I'd like to think that is also vice versa).
An important instance of this is my health.  I have health concerns, that's why my blogs exist.  And he doesn't just know about them, he makes them as much a priority as I do.  And THAT is just one, but a big one, of the reasons I know we are soulmates.  We care about the other even more than we care about ourselves.  In the truest sense of the phrase.  That isn't something achieved lightly, and here we are.  I am one lucky gal.

So in the theme of the wedding, I wanted to give some new information and bring something old over from my old blog.

The new:
Have you noticed something in nearly every packaged food? I usually buy organic if I buy anything already packaged because the junk ingredients are usually left out, but this ingredient even makes it into the organic stuff.


What is Carrageenan?  It's made from seaweed and is used as a thickener in everything from heavy cream to yogurt to lunchmeat.  And yes, even in the organic stuff.  You'd think it was safe, but it's not.  It is used in lab tests to INDUCE inflammation in rats.  INDUCE inflammation.  And we are being fed this stuff under the pretense that it is safe.  Inflammation is one of the biggest problems today, the root cause of so many ailments.  So, don't help it along by ingesting something that is purposely used to create it.  You can google around looking for more information.

A good site with info:

And a book that talks specifically about the use of carrageenan to induce inflammation for laboratory testing (in this case for lung conditions).

Pleural diseases

Author: Richard W Light
Publisher: Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ©2007.
Edition/Format:   Print book : English : 5th ed

The Old: some info on Gluten Sensitivity and Auto Immune conditions, from the old blog-

Is Gluten Intolerance The Cause of Autoimmune Disease

...There has been proof for many years that the intestine is not the only tissue targeted by the immune reaction to gluten...Now, more recent research reveals that perhaps a vast number of autoimmune diseases may also involve an immune response to dietary gluten...And potentially on and on it goes to include many of the 100s of autoimmune diseases afflicting millions of Americans. Can you now see why gluten has such far-reaching effects that damage other systems of the body?

Dr. Alessio Fasano performed a brilliant study on rats that were genetically predisposed to develop type 1 diabetes...This study was the first time that an autoimmune disease was prevented by blocking intestinal permeability...This study opens a new field of investigation into the relationship between the health of the intestine and the basis of many diseases. Imagine if the “unknown trigger” of autoimmune disease turns out to be gluten and its effect of creating a leaky gut!

A study from Italy showed that the longer gluten sensitive people eat gluten, the more likely they are to develop autoimmune diseases. They found that in childhood celiacs, the prevalence of autoimmune disease rose from a baseline of 5% at age 2 to almost 35% by age 20. Imagine if screening of all children for gluten intolerance resulted in reductions of future autoimmune diseases!

...have their children evaluated for gluten intolerance, especially if there is any incidence of autoimmune disease in their family tree...

...we do see some very exciting reversals in autoimmune disease symptoms once a patient has removed gluten from their diet...


Here's to WATCHING your health.

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