Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And So It Begins

This is a new blog to track my progress, but to also share all the information I gather along the way. I've titled it: Wellness in AutoImmunity: Trying to Create Health by Improving Nutrition Goals or WATCHING- We all need to start watching what we put into our bodies.  We are hurting ourselves and the people we love with the choices we make everyday.  The food and chemicals we put into our bodies are literally killing us.  My illnesses have, in some ways, been a blessing.  I have been aware of nutrition and have tried to find the right path for many years.  It wasn't until I got sick that I found how bad our diet and lifestyle in this country (and elsewhere nowadays) really is.  This is my journey to not only help myself, but to help my daughter, my family, and anyone else who might listen.

In the beginning of 2012, I was diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC), this was in addition to the Lichen Sclerosus I already had.  I was staged, via biopsy, at stage 2 in March of 2012.  I had already been doing research on what could be done for autoimmune diseases due to having so many flares of my LS.  When I was diagnosed with PBC, I pulled the trigger on my new lifestyle. I've also since been diagnosed with psoriasis.

My research showed a clear link with AI and grains.  I cut them out completely after speaking with a few, more open minded, doctors. My numbers dropped dramatically and I was actually feeling less tired- something I thought was just due to having a young child, not something I could fix with diet changes.  I increased my workout routine, started grad school and a new job, got a divorce and bought a new house all that year.  It was quite the eventful year, and all the while I stuck with my grain free lifestyle and saw many improvements, but everything wasn't better yet.

Toward the end of my second year, 2013, I met a wonderful man and we have been together ever since.  He is very supportive of my health concerns and participates in my dietary needs.  He has 2 daughters at home, right around my daughter's age, and a son in college, so we have become one big happy family.  We plan to marry this year.  Unfortunately, over the past year, while I have stayed 100% grain free, my eating choices may not have always been stellar- too many inflammatory foods including legumes and sugar. As a result, my numbers have gone up and I have had more symptoms.  Extreme dry mouth and eyes (possibly Sjogren's) and joint pain (currently in testing for several more AI conditions).

In response to this, we both researched what might help and came up with very similar answers.  We are now following an AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) / Myers Way type diet.

This approach is basically-

-Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate 

We can eat
- Meat, seafood, poultry 
-Vegetables except those noted above 
-alliums like garlic, onion, shallots, etc
-sweet potatoes 
-most seasonings as long as they aren't part of the group above

We've been doing this a month now.  I do seem to feel a little better in some ways.  My psoriasis is clearing up and my hip pain is a bit less.  Unfortunately, my liver numbers have gone up considerably.  I believe this is due to too much animal protein.  Without nuts or legumes, my meat intake has gone up and I believe this isn't good for my liver.  So, instead of continuing this trial and error, we have decided to get me tested.  It's quite expensive, but I'm hoping it will help us to see where we're missing the mark.  I've ordered the ALCAT tests.  I will post those results when I get them, should be a couple of weeks.

Some historical data of my numbers:


  1. Found your old blog & now this one. I appreciate you sharing your experience. I was diagnosed with PBC last Spring. I'm 35 & was pregnant so my biopsy was delayed until after my son was born. My GI increased my Ursodiol from BID to TID but not much decrease in my numbers so she's referring me to a hepatologist. Waiting on that now. Hoping there's another medicine that will work for me.

    1. And please consider lifestyle changes. It has seemed to help, despite the bumps in the road that I have hit. I hope you find the solution!! And congratulations on your new baby!!