Thursday, March 19, 2015

ALCAT Testing Results

I recently bit the bullet and purchased the ALCAT testing.  I won't lie, it is very expensive, but my numbers have been all over the place and I feel like I've been losing no matter which way I went.  With the testing, at least I know what truly affects me.  And luckily, that list is small, considering.

The test I ordered was 320 items total, including food, medicine, herbs, chemicals and molds.  You can get the full information at

I only got a few foods I should absolutely avoid. No surprise was seeing that I have a 'severe reaction' to gluten/gliadin.  But a little surprising was seeing apricot, caraway and chick pea.  All three are things I like, but I'm not devastated to lose.

Next I have some yellow foods, these foods are something I have to avoid completely for the next 3 months.  Then, I can introduce one at a time and look for reaction.  If no reaction, I can have them at most every 4 days.  This list is pretty long, so these will no doubt be the hardest.

Avoid For 3 Months
Apple Avocado Beef
Beet Blueberry Broccoli
Cantaloupe Carrot Chicken Liver
Cilantro Coriander Cottonseed
Dill Eggplant Endive
HFCS Haddock Hops
Jalepeno Kelp Leek
Mackerel Mahi Mahi Mustard seed
Navy Bean Pinto Bean Plum
Pomegranate Pork Pumpkin
Red/Grn Leaf Lettuce Shrimp Strawberry
Sweet Potato Vanilla Watercress
Yellow Squash Zucchini

Many of these I eat very often, so I suspect it will be pretty hard.  But after 3 months, I will be able to try adding them back in.

Going forward, I will still limit all legumes.  I did react to some, and generally beans are known for tearing up your intestinal lining and contributing to leaky gut.  So while I didn't have an immune reaction to all, I think it is probably best to avoid for the most part.  I am 'green' for peanuts though, so I will probably allow them occasionally.  I am also 'green' for dairy, but I do not plan to drink milk- while it might not cause an immune reaction, it does cause a gut reaction.  Butter and small amounts of cheese do seem to be ok, on occasion.

As for the other green items, according to this testing, you still shouldn't have those everyday, day in and day out.  Eating the same thing multiple days in a row can start to create an immune response.  They suggest for green items, to limit them to every other day, and rotate through them.  Which is fine with me.  At least I can have coffee and chocolate again! Just not everyday.  I'm ok with that.

There were also other items tested besides food.

I cannot have:
Red Yeast Rice
Reservatrol (but grapes are apparently ok? weird)

I also had a severe reaction to:
Pullularia (mold)
Trichoderma (mold)
Penicillamine (immunosuppresant)

Additional reaction items:
Green #3
Potassium Nitrate
Cephalosporin C (antibiotic)

Those look like a lot, but the green lists for each of these categories are quite long.  I won't post them all, but overall, it's doable.  The next three months will be the hardest, but even after that, remembering to only have 1 of the yellow foods each day, and not repeating it for a few days will surely take some getting used to.  Luckily, I have a wonderful man that is here to help.  With his support, I know this is doable.

Some resources:
To Bean or Not to Bean
Leaky Gut
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