Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Bloowork numbers as of May 1, 2013

I had my blood drawn yesterday.  My numbers are looking better!

Here's all the stats:

DATE          Bilirubin     ALP         AST      ALT
Normal         .1-1.3         30-132     5-35      7-56
2/20/2012     1.7             937          235       389      Initial
3/6/2012       ??              633          142        253     Almost 3 wks gluten free
4/16/2012     1               194           59         101      Gluten Free and Ursodiol
5/14/2012     1               160           36          56       Gluten Free and Ursodiol
7/6/2012       1.2            163           31          42       Gluten Free and Ursodiol
10/3/2012     1.4            221           58         113      Gluten Free and Ursodiol
01/31/2013   0.9            201           47          72       Gluten Free and Ursodiol
04/30/2013   1.2            188           36          44       GF, Urso, Consistent green drinks&exercise

Only the ALP is really out of normal range! (I know AST is one off, but that's pretty close).  I feel like it is really getting better!  I'm super happy about this.  Maybe next time they'll all be normal- or at least the ALP could be closer and the rest in normal.

I am truly feeling like grain free, all the fruit/veggies, whole unprocessed foods, exercise and of course lots of love and support from Zoe and all my family and friends has made a huge difference.  I feel like my story is going so differently from so many on the support boards.  I want to scream it from the rooftops of how to help heal yourself.  Not only are my numbers better, but I FEEL better.  A friend told me my skin looks so healthy, I look rested and I have such a happy disposition.  And it's true.  I feel so good, it is amazing.  

Zoe is so supportive too, she's amazing especially only being 4.  She loves to help me exercise and does yoga with me.  She's also really into picking the healthier foods and deciding what we should have for dinner.  Its' really an awesome thing when such a little person wants to double up on veggies, that she prefers fresh/frozen that has been steamed instead of canned or slathered in unhealthy oils, that she loves to help grow our own food and that she will usually give just about anything at least a try.  I hope these habits (and more) will help her grow into an adult that can make the right decisions for her health.  So many adults let their childhood attachment to junk food rule their decisions, while they disregard their deteriorating health and body.  Especially in her case, her decisions will have such an impact on her health.  All I can do is give her the tools in her arsenal to help her, it will be up to her to make the choice of health.

In so many ways I am feeling very lucky.  If my ex hadn't decided to leave, I wouldn't have started a new job and I wouldn't have gone to the doctor for just a check up (at the suggestion of my new co-worker) and found out I was stage 2 PBC.  I probably wouldn't have found out until it was too late to turn it around because I wouldn't have gone until I was feeling REALLY bad.  If I hadn't had another autoimmune condition first, I wouldn't have already started the research that led me to find the grain connection that is helping to heal all my AI diseases.  And that dominoed into REALLY working toward overall health.  Not focusing on weightloss or superficial goals, but real, true health.  From all that I am clearly making huge changes inside and out.  I'm looking great, but more importantly, I feel TONS better, I have more energy and my attitude toward life is so positive.  I was so distressed at the beginning of all this, mostly because I was so worried about Zoe growing up in a split home, but she's doing good so far and bottom line: A split family is FAR better than watching your mom's health slowly fall apart and ultimately losing her when you're a teenager- which is ENTIRELY possible had it not been caught until my liver was too far gone.  

I will forever be thankful for the luck I've had.  I got a new chance at a longer, happy life to share with my daughter.  I can definitely not be anything but ecstatic about that!

I hope everyone is having a great month!


  1. Hi,Tammy: I just turned 68 and have been diagnosed w/PBC since '01 at which time I was told I was in stage 4. All these yrs later, thank God, I'm still going strong. OK, maybe not so strong, but still going at quite a clip! I have a husband, a large home, two cats and two dogs, all taken care of by ME! I also take care of 3 grandkids, ages 4, 6 and 10, and sometimes babysit our 5 yr-old great-grandson. You know THAT requires strength, energy and lots of physical activity. I gave up gluten in Aug of '12 and my last blood work showed all liver functions in normal range! PTL!! I just wanted to encourage you; you seem to be on the right track and yes, use your common sense! Doctors, generally speaking, ARE NOT going to encourge you toward vitamins and a healthy nutritional plan. 12 yrs into this and I was told "avoid alcohol, salt and take vit D" That's it. So much more we can be doing..or NOT doing!! I try to eat healthy and avoid all of the obvious nasties..I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty good about paying attention to what I eat and the vitamins I take. Gluten free, I'm trying to achieve dairy free..just started..I'll get there! low fat, no additional salt on my food, vit D (5,000 iu's daily)!, E, C, Selenium, Omega 3's, calcium and I still take my Urso. God is good. We do live in this world, however, and we are subject to all it has to offer..the good, the bad and the ugly. We have an obligation to do/try our best! Keep up the good work. Esther

    1. Thank you for your comment Esther! I hope it keeps going so well for you. I do believe we have to take our health into our own hands. All the best!

  2. Hi,
    I was just diagnosed with PBC this past week, the doctor said i'm a stage 1-2 in the middle.
    I to have children and am going to try my hardest to get this under control.