Friday, February 1, 2013

Update 02/01/2013

Not much has been going on on the PBC front the last couple months, but since the last update Zoe and I have been very busy otherwise.

We sold our old house, bought a new house, moved and celebrated her birthday and Christmas. It's been super stressful, but rewarding at the same time.

I got my liver numbers tested again yesterday. If you recall last time my numbers had gone up significantly from the time before. This time the numbers are lower than last time, but still not low enough.

What I've been doing right:
Diligently eating grain free
Drinking a large, nutritionally dense green drink every morning
Exercising regularly

What I need to improve on:
I think I've been drinking too much coffee so I've just given up coffee completely and replaced with green tea
I think I should try to limit sugar and salt intake more- both cause inflammation and may be contributing to higher numbers
I've not been diligent about taking my vitamins - need to get better at that.

What I plan on adding:
I've gotten some information regarding naturally improving liver function so I plan to implement some. I've already implemented specific foods that help with the liver (like lemons/limes, avocados, apples, green tea, etc) as often as possible, but I also plan on slowly incorporating things like milk thistle and other herbs and foods that are known to support the liver.

I really want to get this in check and hopefully lower or completely quit my urso. It causes other problems that I am non too thrilled with. I've also been having liver pain pretty often, which the urso does nothing to help. I'm hoping these natural methods will provide these means.

I will get my numbers checked again at the end of April. Fingers crossed they get better!

Bilirubin ALP AST ALT
Normal .1-1.3 30-132 5-35 7-56

2/20/2012 1.7 937 235 389 Initial

3/6/2012 ?? 633 142 253 Almost 3 wks gluten free

4/16/2012 1 194 59 101 Gluten Free and Ursodiol

5/14/2012 1 160 36 56 Gluten Free and Ursodiol

7/6/2012 1.2 163 31 42 Gluten Free and Ursodiol

10/3/2012 1.4 221 58 113 Gluten Free and Ursodiol

01/31/2013 0.9 201 47 72 Gluten Free and Ursodiol