Monday, April 30, 2012

Several studies identifying link for PBC and Celiac

"There is, however, growing evidence that the loss of the intestinal barrier function typical of celiac disease could be responsible of the onset of other autoimmune disease."

"Celiac disease is, however, a unique example of autoimmunity, since early serological diagnosis and dietary treatment can revert the autoimmune process and can prevent its severe, sometimes life-threatening complications. Therefore, the common wisdom among experts in the field supports the notion that individuals affected by celiac disease should be treated, irrespective of the presence of symptoms and/or associated conditions. "

OK, even the "Celiac Disease for Dummies" Book says "PBC is the most common of the serious liver diseases found in people with celiac disease".  Ugh seriously? Why did our odds have to go that way??

PBC and Celiac
Liver Damage and Celiac

So let's see here- Zoe has both Celiac genes, plus the huge probability of getting PBC, plus there is apparently a big connection with Celiac and PBC in the first place AND Celiac, with or without PBC has been shown to cause liver damage?!?!? OMG! Her poor liver is doomed if we don't take action!

Another article stating the link

Another Study with PBC & Celiac
"An association between primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and coeliac disease now seems well established."
"There may be a correlation between the duration of exposure to gluten and the risk of developing autoimmune disease."
" In both diseases there is a female preponderance but this is much more noticeable in PBC. "

So yea, getting gluten out now may be really helpful in preventing not only Celiac, but also PBC.

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