Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh Wow! Great news!

OK, so I had my liver panel done again.  Wow! That's all I can say.  Ok here's the history so far.

Normal ranges (for reference):
Bilirubin  .1-1.3
ALP  30-132
AST  5-35
ALT  7-56

My initial numbers 2/20:
Bilirubin 1.7
ALP  937
AST  235
ALT  389

I was already going toward a gluten free diet due to my lichen sclerosis, but upon finding this out, I immediately went to a true gluten free diet.  I was told on 2/21 that I needed an AMA test and I had already known that that test was for PBC and so that day I went strictly gluten free.

I forgot on 3/06 I had my LFTs done again by my Gastro dr.  This was only 2 weeks after going true gluten free! So I just got those numbers.

Numbers on 3/06:
Bilirubin (I didn't get this number)
ALP  633 (Over 300 points in 2 weeks BEFORE meds!)
AST  142
ALT  253

Those are all BEFORE I started the Ursodiol! Just changing my diet.  OMG! I didn't even realize I had made that much of an impact already!

The next set of numbers is about 6 weeks of meds and 8 weeks of gluten free.

Numbers on 4/16:
Bilirubin  1.0 (NORMAL!)
ALP 194 (OMG! Almost normal! After being over 900!! Amazing)
AST  59
ALT  101

So you can see how I might be excited! My numbers have dropped so significantly it's hard to believe!

This really cements my belief in the diet changes I've made.  I know the meds are completely necessary, especially since I'm already stage 2.  But maybe, just maybe, with my diet helping so much and with the meds, my liver can keep up with the damage my immune system is causing.  At least till my body heals from the previous gluten damage and then I can HOPE that my immune system 'forgets' about the invader and stops attacking my liver! (That's what the plan is anyway, and I have read about this already happening for people for all kinds of auto immune diseases).

So I'm supposed to have blood work done again around June 1st then again around September 1st.  Then I'm supposed to go for follow up.  I bet it will be good as long as I stay commited to this!


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  1. HOT DAMN, sis, this is f**ken AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOP, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!! I'm doing a little Tammy dance right now, you known the one, ..go Tammy, go Tammy, aha, aha .....