Thursday, April 12, 2012

Children and Gluten Videos

Here are 2 good videos about gluten and children.

The First Video is more about what is gluten sensitivity and the [For all those absolutists: Not every child/person has all or any of these symptoms, and not all of these symptoms are exclusively caused by gluten] possible symptoms children can have when exposed (Makes me extra happy Zoe was breastfed, never had infant cereal, mostly fed fruit/veggies! But I think my eating gluten is what maybe caused her colic...And since removing gluten, whenever she does get a good bit, she usually gets diarrhea/very soft stools and she asks me to rub her belly while she tries to go because her tummy hurts...). 

The Second Video is about how to help them and others get to be truly gluten free, genetic testing and some of the consequences, etc. 

They are kind of long, but if you have time, it's worth a listen.

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