Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little update

So, I was thinking I haven't done an update in a while...

First, I don't know if it's just being a mom (Zoe has had a couple nights of not wanting to sleep well), or if it's the PBC, but I am TIRED! Dog tired.  Like my ears start ringing I'm trying so hard to stay coherent tired.  Reminds me of early pregnancy! Ugh.  And also, just like early pregnancy, I have been pretty much constantly nauseous the last week or so.  Last Thursday I was actually sick all night, but even besides that I just have this background noise of mild, but annoying nausea.  I find if I (just like pregnancy) eat a little at a time at nearly a constant drip, that helps a little.  But that's hard to keep up with.  I hope this isn't my life now - comatose tired and on the verge of throwing up all the time?? Doesn't sound fun.

AND I am not super 'itchy' yet (a common thing with PBC), but I am 'prickly' all over.  Hard to describe but my skin feels like it's SUPER dry or 'prickly' or something and about to itch all the time, but not itchy yet, with occasional true itchiness?? Hard to say but it's my hands, arms, feet, face, neck, belly, chest....Almost all over. 

AND my eyes are having issues.  Like I'm blinking imaginary 'goop' out of them.  There's nothing there, but it sometimes takes a blink or two to see things clearly.  May just be due to the being tired part, who knows!

I'll go in a week or so to get my Liver Function Tests done again to see if the Ursodiol is helping lower my numbers at all.  Hoping we see some improvement!

Think that's about all for now.

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