Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waiting is so hard to do

Most of the weekend I had my niece, Gia, so I didn't have to think much about what's going on. But since she left I've been left up to my own devices. I'm just trying to stay busy. Zoe and I planted some more seeds in the garden. We are growing a good variety of fruits and veggies this year. Zoe is already looking forward to the harvest :)

So now I'll just try to focus on getting ready for the week. My parents are coming in for the specialist appointment on Tuesday. So we should have a good couple of days hanging out. 

Oh and joy, because I don't have enough to think about and deal with- my fairly new fridge now leaking water in the floor. So I'll need to call for warranty work. I'm sure that'll be another huge pain to get fixed. Ugh. 

At least I have so many things going on, I can't dwell on any one particular suck item of my life. 

Instead I will focus on Zoe and work and school. And try to forget the rest...good luck to me! LOL

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