Monday, March 19, 2012

Tomorrow is my liver biopsy

Well, tomorrow is the day.  Fun stuff.  My dad is coming in to town drive me home from there since I guess I'll be loopy :)

Life is kind of crazy right now.

I have had so many appointments, and am still so new at work- I really hope it's not looking bad for me.  I mean they are nice about it all, but I just hope this isn't messing up things for me for the long haul. I could see myself staying here a while if they'll have me!

I finished my last research paper for the semester on Saturday and I already got my grade- an A! So I should for sure have an A for the semester! Yay!

And Zoe stayed the night away from me for the first time EVER, since conception! It was stressful for me, but I hear she did just fine.  That's good to hear.  I think I'm more sad about it than I should be.  Just missing the way things were.  She told me she's forgetting how we used to spend all our days together.
:( Makes me sad to think all the time I devoted to her won't even be a memory for her.  But still worth it for me.  I think it'll make a difference in her character- even if she doesn't remember it.  Hopefully I can still be a good enough mommy, in the few hours a week that I get, that she remembers that...

Just taking one day at a time...

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