Thursday, March 8, 2012

Had my CT scan today

First of all. That barium stuff is gross. I had to drink THREE doses this morning! Yuck. Talk about nauseating. Plus I had to get the contrast in an IV. Fun. Should have results in a day or two.
This whole day has just been crazy. Zoe got sick on the drive in. All. Over. Her. Carseat. Again. Ugh. So I cleaned her up and brought her in the appt with me. Then Tom came and got her. They're hanging out together today. Tom also took the carseat for me. Gonna just trash it. She puked all over it a few weeks ago. I sprayed and washed it as best I can, but the cloth doesn't remove so now after 2 episodes I guess it's just time for a new one.
It's a big decision tho, so I'm having trouble figuring out which one to get. I want one that goes as high as possible on weight with the harness. The traffic in Austin is scary. I want her well protected for as long as possible. I'll probably end up going with a Britax. They are expensive, but I think the material removes on all and is machine washable. And they have some of the highest weights with the harness. So now just where to find a good one in Austin. I see places on line to order, but I need one today!

It's a never ending list with me...

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