Friday, March 9, 2012

CT scan results are back

Well, I have a diffuse alveolar infiltrate in the right upper lobe of my lung.  And 5 sites of ringlike infiltrates, 3 in the left lower lobe, one in the right lower lobe and one in the right middle lobe.

No pathologic nodal enlargement.  No pleural fluid.

Differential diagnosis is extensive and includes infectious and immunologic lung disease.

I really don't know what all that means except that now I have to go see a Pulmonologist and get a LUNG BIOPSY! Ugh.  That does not sound fun...

I'm on the chopping block for a liver biopsy, thyroid biopsy and now lung biospy.  Jeez.

Seriously? How the heck am I suddenly finding that nearly every part of my body has an issue?!?!?!

I suspect that it's all related, the liver, lungs and thyroid.  I'm hoping that all stem from auto immune problems and that they ALL will be helped, slowed or even CURED with my gluten free lifestyle.  I cannot have so many problems! I am only 34 years old and (was) fairly healthy. 

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