Thursday, March 15, 2012

Better than bad news, I think

Sorry for the late update. We were busy last night.
My lung doctor appointment went ok. He said he doesn't think it's cancer, so that's good. But he also said he is not sure what it would be. Said its probably more fluid than solid, or maybe scar type tissue. He asked me about reflux. I told him how a couple of times while pregnant I aspirated some stomach acid- he said that kind of thing could have caused damage like that.
So for now, I'm going to just get a chest X-ray every couple of months to see if it's changing. He's hesitant to do a lung biopsy because I'm feeling fine and there's a big risk of lung collapse leading to a week long hospital stay. The risk to benefit ratio leans to the 'just watch it for a while' side.
So not bad news- so that's good! ;)

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