Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An update from my dr appointment

Today's appt went ok. He confirmed I have PBC. He let me know that he can't give me a prognosis until after a liver biopsy. Fun. And he's concerned because ALL my liver tests are high. Usually just ALP and AMA are increased significantly, but my ALT and AST are also really high. So auto immune hepatitis is also a strong possibility (not the same as hepatitis from the virus). So I also had several vials of blood taken today.
I don't have anymore answers yet. I am supposed to go back about a week after my biopsy to find out what stage I'm in. And I've already started the UDCA treatment. I'm supposed to get my liver tests rechecked in a couple of months.
I still need to get the lung CT and see a pulminologist and to get the thyroid biopsy.
Why the heck do I have so many issues? I thought I was pretty healthy. I mean I need to lose about 20 pounds, but other than that I thought I was pretty healthy?? Ugh. Life can really throw some wrenches at you sometimes.
I'll just keep trying to do what I can that might help me live a little longer with my liver...

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